USPS Shipping Module Configuration

USPS Web Tools
United States Postal Service Web Tools enable you to provide real time rate and service information, real time tracking of packages and more. By integrating these options into our E-Commerce Enterprise 2.0 application, we have made the online experience completely seamless for your customer when they request USPS shipping option.

To configure the USPS shipping module you are required to register with the United States Postal Service for access to their webtools. The steps you will be required to perform are listed below

1. Register via the USPS Web Tools registration page to obtain a TEST Username at the following address (NOTE: It is important to understand when you register with the USPS you will be issued a username, it will be emailed to the address you supplied when registering, however this username is not yet ready to handle LIVE/PRODUCTION requests to the USPS webtools server).
* The USPS registration URL is current as of Nov, 2005, it is possible however that it may change if you get an error when accessing this link try then look for links to register from that page.

2. After receiving your USPS Web Tools username, enter it below and click the Test Now button, if you see the message "USPS Step 1 testing completed successfully" then proceed to Step 3 otherwise you may wish to check your username has been entered correctly.

If your username was validated by the USPS Servers you will see a screen similar to below notifying you of the success of this step.

3. You must now contact the USPS, using the email address noted in the USPS confirmation email you received from USPS after completing Step 1 above or by calling them on the number provided also to you, and advise them you have completed your testing and would request your username be please updated to provide live/production access (you may advise them you are using a product from Admin Pro Tools to help expedite the process). After receiving confirmation from the USPS that they have updated your username/password to production level you need to verify this by clicking the Test Now button again. If your username/password combination can be validated as being granted production access you will see a message "Your username has been successfully updated to production access and you may now use the USPS module without issue in your store" If you do not receive this message you must contact the USPS again and confirm that your username has indeed been granted production access and re-test below.

If your test was successful you should see a screen similar to below, your registration is now complete!

4. After you have confirmed you have production access to the USPS Rates API real time USPS domestic rates will be active for your store however it is possible that you may still have Flat Rate Shipping activated as your default store wide shipping method. You can only either utilize Flat Rate Shipping or Real Time Shipping Gateways (not both simultaneously) so to turn off Flat Rate Shipping and enable the USPS shipping module as well as any other shipping modules you may have configured access your main store settings and set the last value on this configuration page "Enable Flat Rate Shipping" to No then click the Update button.

USPS Shipping configuration options
Once you have confirmed your username is able to access the production server you will be able to configure additional shipping options for your store, you will be presented with a screen similar to the one shown below

USPS Shipping configuration options

Default Packaging used for all shipments
You may specify the default packaging of your shipments (select from the menu).

Additional Handling Charge
If you wish to apply an additional handling charge or fee of any type, enter it here.

Debug mode enabled
Checking this box will enable debug mode which will write log files to your server for troubleshooting, it will also dump to screen the full XML response from the DHL API Server, this SHOULD NOT BE ENABLED IN A LIVE STORE IN PRODUCTION AS IT WILL DISBALE YOUR SHIPPING CALCULATIONS AND CAUSE THE CHECKOUT PROCESS TO FAIL AFTER THE BILLING SCREEN.

Shipping module is enabled/active
By default once you have confirmed you have full production access to this shipping API this shipping/carrier option will be active on your site. If, after you have configured this module, you wish to disable it from display on your site uncheck this box.

Select The USPS Service/s you wish to Offer for selection
You may configure the services you wish to offer as choices for your customers, check the box beside each Service level you wish to be active and then click the "Update Settings" button. You may also set a default service type for Domestic and International Services, these default services will be used as the default service selection on applicable orders during checkout.

NOTE: Changes to your Main Store Settings page as noted above will take effect in your store within 30 minutes (not immediately).