UPS OnLine® Tools Shipping Module Configuration

UPS OnLine® Tools
UPS OnLine Tools enable users to (track packages), (gather rate and service information), (determine valid addresses), and (identify time in transit for UPS shipping services). By integrating these options into our E-Commerce Enterprise 2.0 application, we have made the online experience completely seamless for you.

Our software can now:
· (Track packages from within the application)
· (Validate addresses before label generation)
· (Offer several levels of UPS service and rates for each, based on package weight and destination)
· (Provide transit times for each level of service)

Which, for you, means:
· Improved customer service
· Increased web site functionality
· Reduced cost

IF YOU HAVE NOT YET UPDATED YOUR config.cfm file please do so now by using the instructions below, if you have already made this update as explained you can skip this section.

** UPDATE config.cfm file, failure to do so will cause UPS real time shipping and registration as explained below to fail or not be available **

- Login to your account at our web site to retrieve your customer number and copy it down (it will be an 8 digit number)
once you login to your account the account menu page will show your customer number (example screen shot shown below)

- Open the file (config.cfm) located at the location: path_to_installation/admin/shipping/ups/config.cfm and update line number 3 in this file with your customer number which - this line by default will be as shown below

variables.customernumber = '00000000';

Replace the number 00000000 with your customer number and save this file to your server in its original location. Using the example account above your customer number would be 00001923 so you would update the variables.customernumber value in the config.cfm file as follows

variables.customernumber = '00001923';

Before utilizing these powerful tools within our E-Commerce Enterprise 2.0 application you must first register with UPS and accept the terms of use of their Tools. We have made this a very simple and quick process completed directly within your administration screen. Scroll down to the Shipping header in the side navigation menu of the administration and then click the "UPS OnLine® Tools (new)" link. You will be presented with the following screens.

Step 1: outlines the process, you must click the Next button to continue to Step 2

Step 2: presents you with the entire license agreement which you should read through before accepting, it would also be advised to use the Print button to print out the entire agreement and keep for easy reference later if needed. You must click the "Yes, I Do Agree" button and then the Next button to proceed.

Step 3: Here you will enter your company and main contact information, it is required at this point to provide a valid UPS account number, if you do not currently have a UPS account number you can quickly and easily get one by following the provided link or calling the 800 number at the bottom of this page. Once you have all information complete, choose whether you wish to have a UPS representative contact you and click the Next button.
Please Note: Most fields on this page are required, all that are are denoted by bold type. It is also important to note you must enter you phone number as numbers only with no punctuation or spaces (e.g. 4045551212)

All things going well you will receive a successful registration response as seen below.

You should now click the Finish button and proceed to the configuration screen to setup your company preferences when you ship packages with UPS.

You have the ability to set the following preferences for your UPS installation.

UPS Pickup Type
Select below how your packages will be picked up or where they will be dropped off, your options are Daily Pickup (you have a UPS driver who comes by daily to pickup your packages), Customer Counter, Suggested Retail Rate

Default Packaging Type
Select the default packaging you routinely use for tendering your packages to UPS, note this packaging type will be used for all rate requests so ensure you select the appropriate packaging you use in all instances.

Residential Delivery
If you wish to return rates for residential delivery of all store orders, check the box below. If the majority of your orders are shipped to residential addresses select thesis option to ensure that tech rates received are correct for a residential address.

Package Insurance
If you wish to have insurance added to all store orders check this option, any additional charges incurred for insuring an order for its full value will be included in the rates returned when this option is checked.

Show UPS Time in Transit information
If you wish to display UPS Time in Transit information during the checkout process, check this option otherwise it will not be displayed

Activate UPS Address Validation
If you wish to incorporate UPS Address Validation information into the checkout process check this option. Note this option is available for US addresses only and will validate the City, State and Zip code only. When a zip code cannot be validated the customer will be presented with a list of options that more closely match their correct shipping address.

Handling Fee
If you wish to add a handling fee/package surcharge to each order enter this value here.

Use Test or Live Server
Allows you to specify which DHL Server to use. Test mode will send rate request to the Test Server and should only used in development or as needed.

Select The UPS Service/s you wish to Offer for selection
You may configure the services you wish to offer as choices for your customers, check the box beside each Service level you wish to be active and then click the "Update Settings" button. You may also set a default service type for Domestic and International Services, these default services will be used as the default service selection on applicable orders during checkout.

Important information on modifications to pages containing UPS OnLine® Tools
# You are not permitted to make any changes to these pages

UPS Trademark Notices
When using the UPS OnLine Tools, E-Commerce Enterprise 2.0 displays UPS Trademark and accompanying disclaimer* on each shipping screen and shipment notification screen
* UPS, the UPS brandmark, and the Color Brown are trademarks of United Parcel Service of America, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

UPS Tracking Tool
When using UPS Tracking, E-Commerce Enterprise 2.0 displays a required disclaimer*. This notice is permanent and may not be deleted or altered in any way.
* The UPS package tracking systems accessed via this service (the "Tracking Systems") and tracking information obtained through this service (the "Information") are the private property of UPS. UPS authorizes you to use the Tracking Systems solely to track shipments tendered by or for you to UPS for delivery and for no other purpose. Without limitation, you are not authorized to make the Information available on any web site or otherwise reproduce, distribute, copy, store, use or sell the Information for commercial gain without the express written consent of UPS. This is a personal service, thus your right to use the Tracking Systems or Information is non-assignable. Any access or use that is inconsistent with these terms is unauthorized and strictly prohibited.

UPS Rates & Service Selection Tool
When using UPS Rates & Service Selection, E-Commerce Enterprise 2.0 displays a required disclaimer* when the UPS published rate returned by the tool is altered in any way, i.e. handling charges are added to the UPS rates. This notice is permanent and may not be deleted or altered in any way.
* NOTICE: These fees do not necessarily represent UPS published rates and may include handling charges levied by company.

UPS Address Validation
When using UPS Address Validation, E-Commerce Enterprise 2.0 displays a required disclaimer* on each screen supplying address validation information. This notice is permanent and may not be deleted or altered in any way.
* NOTICE: UPS assumes no liability for the information provided by the address validation functionality. The address validation functionality does not support the identification or verification of occupants at an address.